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About Andina

Andina Consulting & Lifting Solutions (ACLS) provides expert lifting and rigging consulting services and training to the oil & gas, pipeline, renewable energy, and mining sectors globally.

Lifting operations are widely regarded as one of the highest risk activities undertaken in the construction industry. It is a critical and unavoidable task whenever construction, operation, and maintenance activities are undertaken.

Ron believes that all the lifting and rigging incidents that have occurred over the years were preventable, saying “Having worked on major projects across the industry and around the world over the last decade, I have seen first-hand the importance of due diligence and of being able to demonstrate that everything reasonably practicable was done to prevent an injury or incident.  Since the introduction of Section 217.1 of the Criminal Code, due diligence has become the cornerstone of any safe lifting program.”

Maximize your lifting operation’s compliance and minimize risk with Andina Consulting and Lifting Solutions. Our experts provide practical solutions to bridge any gaps in your rigging and lifting operations. Trust us to deliver results that enhance safety, efficiency, and profitability.


Business Description

For companies looking to elevate their lifting operations, Andina Consulting and Lifting Solutions (ACLS) is your trusted partner. Our team of highly qualified subject matter experts are equipped with an in depth understanding of the technical complexities, risks, and the regulatory demands required to carry out lifting and rigging operations safely.

From planning to execution and beyond, we offer solutions that protect your people, assets, and reputation. We ensure that your commercial and operational needs are met every step of the way, leaving you free to focus on what matters most – driving your project forward with confidence.

Whether you need our services short or long-term, you can count on us to deliver unparalleled support on your next major project. For those who do not require lifting and rigging services regularly, we offer a retainer-based agreement guaranteeing that support is just a phone call away.

ACLS offers services in both English and Spanish, with offices strategically located in Canada and Peru. Trust ACLS to protect your people and assets – every lift, every time.

Trust ACLS to protect your people and assets – every lift, every time.

About Us

Our experts use their technical skills and experience to confidently assess risks and customize plans to guarantee compliance with regulations and best practices. We keep your lifting program running smoothly and safely, decreasing risk, and increasing success.

Our clients come first; we give you our undivided attention with prompt response time and 24/7 availability. With strict adherence to industry standards, ethical practices, and transparency, you can trust in our care and confidentiality.

Our Team

Our team of highly qualified subject matter experts is ready to evaluate the complexities and risks of your hoisting operations and provide safe solutions that comply with regulatory demands.

Diana Urbina

Administrative Manager

Ronald Guschuk

Appointed Person – Lifting Operations (LEEA accredited)

John Graetz

Lifting and Rigging SME / Trainer
Cesar Augusto Sandoval Olivos

Cesar Augusto Sandoval Olivos

Specialized Heavy Lift SME (PERU)
Ben Bellai

Ben Bellai

Business Development

Why you hire us:

Relinquishing your responsibility to a third-party service provider with the expectation that they will watch out for your best interest is a risky strategy. Errors and omissions in the decision-making process can adversely impact your budget, schedule, and reputation.

Andina Consulting and Lifting Solutions provides you with highly skilled professionals who possesses the technical expertise and specialized knowledge necessary to manage this inherently risky activity with confidence.

ACLS will provide guidance to help you navigate complex regulations, ensure compliance with industry best practices, and keep your lifting program running smoothly and safely.

Let us help you improve safety, decrease risk, and increase success.

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